Balance Your Neurology and Balance Your Life!

I can help you with:

  • Do you need a Diagnosis Assessments? 
  • Do you have a brain injury or wonder if you have one? 
  • Post-Concussion Syndrome. 
  • Long Covid Brain fog, fatigue, and cognitive impairment
  • Do experience shame and embarrassment when you cannot follow through?
  • Are you constantly re-inventing ways to "to do" something but get stuck?
  • Do you experience Impulsiveness or act without a "pause button" ?
  • Do your actions cause you or others pain or consequences?
  • Do you struggle with disorganization?
  • Are you always late and experience lost time?
  • Do you struggle with social awkwardness?
  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed and shut down?
  • Do you have racing thoughts?
  • Are you Gifted or have a high IQ ?
  • Do you have a Learning Disability?
  • Are you a Highly sensitive person ?
  • Do you get overwhelmed with smell, taste, movement, etc.?
  • Do you Struggle with academics or on academic suspension?
  • Are you constantly being written up or on probation at your job? Do you struggle with staying employed?
  • Do you struggle with Lethargy and procrastination?
  • Do yo suffer from anxiety and depression ?
  • Do you suffer from a constant tiredness and fatigue ?
  • Are you dependent on others financially and emotionally and want independence?
  • Do you have a relapse history of addiction?
  • Struggling with finding a career in your strengths, passion and purpose?
  • Do you feel isolated and alone and feel misunderstood?
Balanced Focus Counseling
 Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, Traumatic Brain Injury, General Cognitive impairment, Long Covid impairment
(Adult Students, Seniors, Adolescents, Professionals)
Tracy Weegmann 
Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LPCC) Marriage and Family Therapist (MFTC) Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS), Certified Attention Coach, Certified Sand Play Therapist

Are you ready to start living your life to your fullest potential? 

As a professional psychotherapist working with attention issues for 15 + years, my role is to guide you and teach you strategies that work with your brains learning style . People with cognitive issues see and experience the world very differently.  The outside world can cause stress and we can experience confusion with instruction, retention of information and getting the momentum to take action.  

It can be frustrating, embarrassing and can cause us to hide ourselves because we don't understand why we can't do these "simple" tasks?  What do we need to make it happen?  We try different methods, reset goals, new treatments, different directions but we end up losing our focus and momentum again?    

We often experience depression, shut down, shame, anxiety and want to hide.  It can also cause us to be in constant agitation, rage, opposition, tantrums and anger. We may even just "give up" because we are tired of nothing working.  

Here is the good news! 
 Its not your fault.  It's a "muscle" in the brain that can be "re-trained".

I will teach you how to identify when you "hit" the wall in your brain that causes stuck-ness, despair and defeat. The strategies I will teach you will strengthen a "weak muscle", and the more you "work it" the stronger your cognition and ability to take action.   

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Tracy Weegmann 

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